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We would like to thank and acknowledge the British Veterinary Poultry Association for their help in compiling these resources; a mix of videos, webinars and text resources. These are suggested resources, students should have previously agreed learning objectives with their tutors, and the resources should be used only if they align. It is not compulsory for students to complete all resources.

The British Veterinary Poultry Association have created a suggested virtual poultry EMS worksheet that can be completed over 2 weeks. The individual resources can also be accessed by the links below. These resources have not been developed by the RCVS and we do not endorse any third party advertisements that may appear on external websites. 

Poultry Husbandry

Backyard Poultry Husbandry

Chicken keeping in London

Chicken catch and restraint

Rearing turkeys

Poultry Industry

From Shell to Shelf

Poultry Breeding 

Egg Processing - From the nest, to you

Chicken Farming

Chicken farming A

Chicken farming B

Managing flock uniformity

Using flock data to make better decisions

Impacts of the Better Chicken Commitment on the UK Broiler sector

Ventilation Essentials

Ventilation Concepts

Beak trimming

Free range laying site

Brooding checks

Broiler management guide

Broiler breeder performance guide

Broiler performance and nutrition supplement guide

Breeder management guide

Hy-line brown management guide