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Council elections

RCVS Council comprises 24 members, each of them serving for a 4-year term of office. Six are appointed lay members, two are appointed veterinary nurse members, three are appointed by the Veterinary Schools Council to represent the overall number of RCVS-accredited veterinary schools, and 13 by direct election, held annually.

In May 2018, a Legislative Reform Order amending the governance arrangements of the RCVS received ministerial approval. This amendment made a number of changes to the composition of RCVS Council, including a reduction in the number of elected places available on Council from 24 to 13 over a staged transition.

Council members are also now only able to serve a total of 3 consecutive 4-year terms and will need to take a 2-year break between before standing for Council again.

RCVS Council election 2024 - voting closed

Voting has now closed in the 2024 RCVS Council election and the results will be announced shortly. 

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