Council elections

RCVS Council comprises 33 members, each of them serving for a 4-year term of office. 6 are appointed lay members, 2 are appointed veterinary nurse members, 7 are appointed by each of the RCVS-accredited veterinary schools and 18 by direct election, held annually.

In May 2018, a Legislative Reform Order amending the governance arrangements of the RCVS received ministerial approval. This amendment made a number of changes to the composition of RCVS Council, including a reduction in the number of elected places available on Council from 24 to 13 over a staged transition. This means that this year there will be 3 places up for election. Council members are also now only able to serve a total of 3 consecutive 4-year terms and will need to take a 2-year break between before standing for Council again.


RCVS Council election 2020

The 2020 RCVS Council election will take place in the spring of 2020.

The nomination period for candidates who wish to stand in the 2020 election will begin this autumn and end on 31 January 2020. 

The RCVS Council Election is independently run by Electoral Reform Services - an experienced provider of ballot advisory and management services to UK and worldwide organisations.

If you wish to find out more about the timeline for the 2020 RCVS Council election or the nomination process then please contact Dawn Wiggins, RCVS Council Secretary, on 

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