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Leaving the UK Veterinary and Veterinary Nursing Profession surveys: Privacy notice

This privacy notice refers to our use of data collected through the RCVS Leaving the UK Veterinary and Veterinary Nursing Profession surveys.

Purpose of processing

The data collected from this survey will be used to gather information about those leaving the RCVS Register, or the UK Practising category, to further understand why veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses are leaving the UK profession and help the RCVS with future workforce planning.

The results will be used for research purposes only. The data will be used to write research outputs (such as internal and published reports), which will not include any identifiable information about individuals.

As part of the survey, individuals can optionally provide their email address if they wish to participate in future RCVS research activities about leaving the veterinary or veterinary nursing profession. If you choose to provide an email address the information will be used to enable RCVS to invite you to participate in future research activities.

Data will be processed on a consent basis. Participants have the opportunity to opt-in to the survey, by completing the survey participants are giving their consent for us to process and analyse the data.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact [email protected]

Data storage and sharing

Data will be stored securely and will only be accessible to the Research Team at the RCVS.

Data will not be shared with any third parties outside of the Research Team at the RCVS. Results will only be analysed and reported at a level that does not allow identification of individuals in any way.

Retention period

As an ongoing project, anonymised survey data will be retained in a secure folder accessible only to the Research team on an ongoing basis to allow for comparisons across time.

Email addresses will be deleted within five years of being collected.

If you have provided an email address, you may request deletion of your data at any time, please contact [email protected]. If you do not submit an email address, the survey data is submitted anonymously, and therefore RCVS cannot withdraw any data once you begin to complete the survey.

Who can I contact with a complaint?

Under GDPR you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.