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Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP)

The RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP) is a flexible, modular approach to achieving veterinary postgraduate qualifications.

You can design your own postgraduate certificate by choosing a combination of manageably-sized modules that reflects your area of interest and is directly relevant to your work, whilst accruing credits for your efforts as you progress.

The aim of the CertAVP is to create a consistent yet flexible framework for postgraduate qualifications, aimed at the competent veterinary practitioner.

The modular structure of the CertAVP is quite straightforward:

'A' module + 'B' module + 4 x 'C' modules = CertAVP

All candidates must take at least one 10 credit 'B' Module. Those candidates who have taken the old, 15 credit 'A' module should contact the Education Department for advice.

You can replace a C module with an extra 10 credit B module if you prefer.

For a more detailed view, please open the structure document in the 'Related documents' box. You can take individual modules – a great way to meet CPD requirements – or work towards a full CertAVP. If your interests lie in a particular area, you can select modules from a specified list to obtain a designated certificate e.g. CertAVP (Small Animal Medicine). If you are interested in a designated certificate, please take a look at our Designated certificates page.

Most of the modules have been designed to be taken on a free standing basis – you can study in your own time and there is no requirement to take a particular course. However, the universities which are accredited to assess the modules will have a range of support packages available for you from online materials to face-to-face sessions. The structure also matches that of many university credit systems, so, in some cases, it may be possible for modules to count towards other MSc courses already run by universities.

For contact details for each of the universities accredited to assess CertAVP modules, please go to the Accredited universitiy contact details page.

The assessment of modules is done by universities which the RCVS has accredited for this specific purpose. Universities are well equipped to manage this process, given their experience in assessment and established quality assurance systems in place. Universities are required to offer an “assessment only” route for their modules, giving you the choice to study in the way that best suits you.

Before enrolling, you should speak to each university which offers the modules in which you are interested, to find out about support packages and fees. A list of modules with their accredited universities can be found on the Module subjects page.

If you are a university interested in joining the modular certificate scheme, please have a look at our Information for universities page.

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