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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership helps to create environments which foster the talents, skills and potential of people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. These types of leaders generate a sense of belonging and safety which enables people to bring their authentic selves to the workplace, and achieve their goals.

These resources will help you to reflect on your understanding of inclusive leadership and the skills, behaviours and practices needed to be an inclusive leader.

Videos, podcasts and webinars

In this video, co-chair of the joint RCVS and Vets Schools Council BAME Student Support Working Group, and recently qualified vet Stephanie-Rae Flicker, shares her thoughts on inclusive leadership and the steps we can take to progress diversity and inclusion within the profession.    

Why our social environment at work matters (34.35 minute listen)

Jonathan Taylor, Pearn Kandola

This podcast explores the importance of social connection, belonging and identity at work and how inclusive social environments can support everyone’s wellbeing.

Leading by Learning (35.35 minute watch)

PurpleSpace Networking Hub for Disabled Employees

In an interview with Tiernan Brady, Global Director of Inclusion at Clifford Chance, he emphasises the importance of understanding lived experience so that individuals are able to really 'see' someone, not just the barriers they face. 

Breaking Disability Stereotypes (30.52 minute watch)

Emma Cusick, Pearn Kandola

Examines the disability employment gap and its causes, the effects of disability stereotypes and how organisations can overcome them.

In Conversation with John Amaechi (27.14 minute watch)

Kate Nash, founder of PurpleSpace Networking Hub for Disabled Employees, talks to John Amaechi, OBE about leadership and career progression.

LGBT Experiences at work (4.45 minute watch)


LGBT colleagues share their experiences of being LGBT in the workplace. Provides insight into the assumptions and biases encountered by LGBT people.

Webinars: Anti-racism stays on the agenda | CIPD

CIPD webinar series 

Experts, leaders and HR practitioners tackle the key issues and questions around inclusion in the workplace in this webinar series.

Racism at Work

Pearn Kandola Pod cast series

This podcast series explores a number of topics, including workplace incivilities, how to be an active bystander, the impact of racism on wellbeing and the Covid 19 pandemic and race.

Articles and blogs

What is inclusive leadership and how can you foster it? - Pearn Kandola (5 minute read)

Stuart Hall, Head of Development, Pearn Kandola

This article defines inclusive leadership and describes three key steps that leaders can take to foster an inclusive environment.

Why do leaders find it so difficult to talk about inclusion? (3 minute read)

Nigel Girling and Lisa Avery, (2021), CMI

An article from the CMI that outlines the importance of leaders practising allyship behaviours and opening up dialogue to accelerate progress on inclusion by being courageous and curious.

Seven Conversations about Inclusion That Leaders Should Be Having Now (10 minute read)

Laura Morgan Roberts, (2020), Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning

This article explores seven inclusive conversations through the metaphor of a meal and offers the AFFIRM menu to stimulate words and deeds.

How to address racism with positive leadership ( (10 minute read)

Elizabeth Howlett, (2020), People Management

This article from People Management discusses the implications of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the pandemic and resultant potential opportunities for leaders and organisations, explored in the CIPD webinar, ‘Creating a pro-inclusive leadership plan’.

The role leaders have in promoting wellbeing and addressing micro-incivilities - Pearn Kandola (5 minute read)

Louise Weston, Pearn Kandola

This short blog defines micro-incivilities, their negative effects on wellbeing and how leaders can reduce their impact by speaking out, validating experience and mentoring.

Inclusive Leadership findings (5 minute read)

Layla McCay, (2021), NHS Confederation

An outline of the recent findings from the Health and Care LGBTQ Leaders Network Survey and the issues raised including representation, visibility and intersectionality.

Why leaders and HR chiefs must embrace neurodiversity (3 minute read)

An ILM article discussing the evidence that leaders and HR professional have low awareness of neurodiversity and are not harnessing the unique skills and talents of neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

Veterinary resources

The Mindmatters Initiative

The Mindmatters Initiative is funded and run by the RCVS. It aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those in the veterinary team. The website contains a range of resources, including a guide to enhancing wellbeing and managing stress in the veterinary workplace.

BVNA Chronic Illness Toolkit

A toolkit of resources to help improve the working environment for veterinary nurses who suffer with a chronic condition. It contains a wealth of information and guidance, as well as personal stories and case studies. It also includes useful guidance for managers and colleagues supporting people with chronic illness.


The British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support was created to support veterinary staff living and working with chronic illness and works with employers to develop flexible and forward-thinking approaches to supporting staff with long term illnesses. The BVCIS website contains, information, blogs and resources.


British Veterinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans+ is a community of LGBT+ people and their allies working in the veterinary professions. Their website provides support and networking opportunities for members as well as blogs, statements and information on events.


Run by a group of vets and students, the British Veterinary Ethnic and Diversity Society is working to increase diversity and inclusivity in the veterinary profession. Resources on the BVEDS website include research, articles, toolkits and educational material.

Other resources

LGBT+ toolkit (

Developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry, this toolkit includes practical guidance and resources for employers and managers on embedding LGBTQ+ inclusivity into workplace policy and practice.

How diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) matter | McKinsey

Sundiatu Dixon-Fyle, Kevin Dolan and Sarah Prince, McKinsey (2020)

Diversity wins, the third report in a McKinsey series, investigates the business case for diversity, which highlights the need for organisations to pay closer attention to inclusion, even if they are relatively diverse.

Taking care of your staff | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

A range of free resources, wellbeing booklets, and wellness action plans for employers.

How to talk about race at work | CIPD

A guide covering the principles, steps and considerations for organisations on how to have conversations about race at work.

Diversity and inclusion: research and commentary, ACAS

A collection of studies, reports, discussion papers, blogs and articles on a range of diversity and inclusion issues.