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Dr Mark Bowen


Candidate 3 of 14

Proposers: Dr Imogen Burrows, Lewis Smith

Contact details 

M 07752 458 127
E [email protected]

Candidate biography

Mark Bowen, 2024 RCVS Council election candidate I have spent the majority of my career in veterinary education. I was a founding member of staff at Nottingham and taught a range of topics, some well outside my comfort zone. I have taught and mentored post-graduates from interns to residents, as well as being a regular instructor on clinical CPD programs. I left undergraduate training to focus on my role as Director of Education for the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation, where I work with colleges to enhance training and assessment of residents across a range of disciplines. This includes wellbeing, quality of education, working conditions and promoting novel pathways to specialisation. Aside from education, I am at heart a clinician and have worked in equine practice for most of my career. I am now a practice owner and have negotiated the challenges and rewards of building a successful business.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate, both in loving my career and in the support I have received over the years from some of the professions leading clinicians. I have always tried to follow their example in supporting others and the wider profession, through work in BEVA, The Horse Trust, the HBLB and Veterinary Products Committee of the VMD.

Candidate statement

I am standing for council to give back to the profession and stand up for the practitioner. The next year will see council take important far-reaching decisions. I am determined to ensure that the needs of the practitioner are fully represented. That means doing all that is possible to ensure that council remains an elected self-regulating body of veterinary surgeons. I believe that is the only way to ensure members of council can be held accountable for their actions. Decisions taken by council members impact on us all, and on businesses. I believe that independent regulatory impact assessments would ensure that any change to the code or its guidance would consider how those rules will impact those of us on the coal face. Imagine how this would have influenced the introduction of ‘under our care’ guidance.

This year, education committee will develop a new framework for specialist qualifications in the UK with the aim of expanding access to specialisation. Working for EBVS, I understand these structures and their complexities. I work with colleagues from countries where national specialisation has been developed on a theoretical taught model. These programs lack the practical, experiential and individually mentored training of residency training. If the college falls into the trap of others, it will simply create the same confusion with multiple sub-tiers of specialisation that help no one. It is clear that there are lack of training opportunities in the current model, but my role in EBVS is to find solutions in those existing structures. I can provide the experience and understanding that will enable the college to help create equivalence in a new national framework, or one aligned to EBVS procedures that retains the value of specialisation to the public.

I would encourage members to vote – it might be your last chance!