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Legislation Working Party


Our Legislation Working Party was established in early 2017 as it became clear that Brexit would have a significant impact on the amount of parliamentary time available for changes to veterinary legislation, as well as the need to carry out an overall review of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 more than 50 years after it achieved Royal Assent.

The Working Party will conduct a thorough and wide-ranging review of the legislation with a view to making a coherent set of recommendations to the Department and to Government in due course.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference include:

  • Ensuring that our vision for the future of veterinary legislation is given proper consideration;
  • Proposing a list of principles on which any new legislation should be based; and,
  • Giving consideration to a more comprehensive piece of legislation that could incorporate allied professions and the regulation of veterinary practices.


Our Legislation Working Party membership has been drawn from the Operational Board, RCVS Council and VN Council, members of College staff and the representative bodies for the professions, as follows:

  • Stephen May (Senior Vice-President, Chair) 
  • Eleanor Ferguson (Registrar) 
  • Amanda Boag (President) 
  • Lizzie Lockett (CEO) 
  • Liz Cox (VN Council) 
  • Mandisa Greene (RCVS Council)
  • Kate Richards (RCVS Council) 
  • Gudrun Ravetz (BVA President) 
  • Wendy Nevins (BVNA President)
  • Claire-Louise McLaughlan (RCVS Council)
  • Bradley Viner (former RCVS Council Member & Chair of the Exemption Order & Associates Working Party)
  • Ben Myring (RCVS Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer) 
  • Anthony Roberts (RCVS Director of Leadership and Innovation) 
  • Rebecca Rafferty (RCVS Senior Standards and Advisory Officer)
  • Greer Wild (RCVS Policy and Public Affairs Officer)



We have already begun carrying out research into the deficiencies of the current legislation and where it could be improved, for example, by allowing us to undertake mandatory practice inspection and regulating veterinary nurses on a statutory basis.