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Designated certificates

In addition to the general CertAVP, there is also a range of designated (named) qualifications. These include species-based designated certificates such as CertAVP (Equine Practice) and CertAVP (Zoological Medicine), as well as discipline-based certificates like CertAVP (Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging) and CertAVP (Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law).

Candidates who wish to work towards one of these qualifications must pass the A-Foundations of Advanced Veterinary Practice.1 module. Candidates must then choose the remaining modules from a specific range of options relevant to the subject area.

The module combination rules for each of the designated certificates are provided below. These set out the range of options available for candidates wishing to obtain a particular designated CertAVP. (Please note that some of the modules mentioned in these documents may not currently be available through accredited universities.)

Modular combinations for designated certificates

For information on synoptic assessment, please look at the Synoptic assessment page.