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Fellowship Science Advisory Panel

The Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are seeking Fellows to apply to join its Science Advisory Panel, which is responsible for reviewing the evidence and providing scientific advice and guidance to the Fellowship and the wider profession on topical issues. 

The Fellowship Science Advisory Panel will consist of subgroups formed on the basis of area of expertise, and a main panel which will review the research by the subgroups to make recommendations and advise on scientific issues relevant to recognised veterinary practice. 

Those who are interested can apply to join either the main Panel or become an expert contributor to one of its subgroups, please write to Ceri Chick,, with a short description of your area of expertise and what you could bring to the role by Friday 5 February 2021. Applicants for the Panel must be FRCVS.


Terms of reference

  1. The Fellowship Science Advisory Panel shall provide the scientific underpinning for RCVS functions, and in particular: 
    1. Advise on scientific issues relevant to the professional conduct of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses;
    2. Advise on research-related issues relevant to recognised veterinary practice;
    3. Ensure that the debate on veterinary issues is based on good evidence and sound advice;
    4. Advise on scientific issues at the request of Council or any of its committees or subcommittees.
  2. The Fellowship Science Advisory Panel shall report to the RCVS via the Fellowship Board
  3. A selected member of the Fellowship Board will act as Chair of the Fellowship Science Advisory Panel.
  4. Membership of the panel will be comprised of Fellows, wither through application or nomination by the Fellowship Board. A staff member of the RCVS Advancement of the Professions Department would also sit on the panel as a lay observer.
  5. Each member would usually be expected to serve on the panel for three years.