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Applying to the PSS

You can apply to the Practice Standards Scheme through our online system, Stanley.

On this page you can find step-by-step instructions on how to submit your application.

If you want to find out more about what happens after you’ve applied, go to our page about the PSS assessment process

The stages of PSS application:

Step 1: Fill in an application form

Fill in the PSS application form (docx) and send it to [email protected].

If your practice premises is not yet on our Register, please register first.

Step 2: Log in to Stanley

Log in to Stanley with the same username and password you use for My Account.

If you’ve forgotten your My Account username or password, you can find or reset these on the My Account sign in page.

Step 3: Create a simulation event

  • Go to the ‘PSS events’ tab at the top of the page.
  • Select ‘Create a new PSS event’.
  • Under ‘Event type’, select ‘Simulation’ and then ‘Save new PSS event’.
  • Your simulation event will be listed under ‘Assessment events’ in the ‘PSS Events’ area for your premises.

You can start prepping for your assessment using your simulation event. Any work you do will be transferred over once you’ve paid your joining fee and have full access to Stanley.

Step 4: Send your application

  • Go into your simulation event via the event heading or the eye symbol.
  • Go to the ‘Actions to take’ box at the top of your simulation event page.
  • Select ‘Apply for the PSS programme’ followed by ‘Send notification to apply for PSS programme’.  

What happens next?

Once you’ve sent us your application, we’ll send an invoice for the initial joining fee of £73.00.

Once we’ve got your payment, you’ll be made a candidate of the PSS and contact you to arrange your assessment day. You’ll also have full access to Stanley so that you can continue to prepare your pre-assessment information. All work completed in your simulation event will be transferred to a new initial assessment event.

Find out more about the PSS assessment process

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