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Perform anaesthetic and analgesic techniques and to monitor, support and recover patients


Induce, maintain and recover anaesthetic patients (American Society of Anaesthesiologists 1, 2 or 3), including monitoring vital functions and providing supportive care.  Evaluate patient status, and determine an appropriate sedative, anaesthetic and/or analgesic protocol for proposed procedure and animal species.

Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and the procedure as well as psychomotor skills to execute the protocol safely, recognise and manage complications.

Aiming for... (success criteria)

To demonstrate the ability to safely perform sedation; general and regional anaesthesia; and also implement chemical methods of restraint to a consistently high standard across different;

  1. animal species,
  2. clinical presentations,
  3. acute / chronic conditions
  4. case complexities.

To deal proficiently with contingencies and complications whilst working effectively as part of a professional team.

Required competences

There is the potential for all domains within the 2020 RCVS Day One Competences to be relevant to this EPA, however the key areas involved in performance of this activity/area of practice are as follows;

Veterinary capability

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Individual animal
  • Animal population care & management

Reflective relationships

  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Professional commitment

  • Business / finance