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We would like to thank and acknowledge the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board for their help in compiling these resources; a mix of videos, webinars and text resources. These are suggested resources, students should have previously agreed learning objectives with their tutors, and the resources should be used only if they align. It is not compulsory for students to complete all resources.

To access the resources, please click on the individual links below. These resources have not been developed by the RCVS and we do not endorse any third party advertisements that may appear on external websites. 

Beef cattle


Cattle handling 

Injection - Correct injection technique for antihelminthics


Bull MOT

Body condition scoring 

Webinar: Managing lameness in the suckler herb

Responsible antibiotic use

Webinar: Responsible antibiotic use

Neonatal management

Successful calving course

Calf care after calving

Webinar: Do suckler calves absorb enough antibodies from colostrum?

Webinar: The impact of housing on the health of youngstock

Dairy cattle


Working with the cow and cow flow

An introduction to cattle handling systems

Good cattle handling


Vaccinating cattle safely and effectively

Best practice vaccination of beef and dairy cattle


Webinar: Successful calving course

Neonatal management

Colostrum feeding

Testing colostrum

The early hours: looking after a new born calf

General collections

AHDB Dairy videos YouTube playlist

University of Wisconsin Milk Quality Channel

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Milking Routines

The DairyNZ YouTube Channel

Animal Health Ireland