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Before you start working towards the RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP), or towards any individual modules, you must enrol for the CertAVP with the RCVS. This is so that the RCVS can confirm your eligibility, and log your credits as they accrue towards a full qualification.

To enrol, you will need to have had at least one year’s experience as a practising vet, and be able to demonstrate that you have undertaken sufficient CPD for that period. Veterinary surgeons who qualified in 2007 or later must have completed the RCVS Professional Development Phase (PDP) before they can enrol. Overseas candidates may enrol if they are eligible to be members of the RCVS.

You may begin your CertAVP with one year’s experience as a practising vet but to complete your certificate you must have been practising for at least 3 years.

Choose your modules

Firstly you must choose your modules and decide which university, or universities, you wish to enrol with. You do not need to take all your modules with the same university. Contact each university to ask what sort of learning support they offer, how you will be assessed and about fees. All universities must offer an assessment-only option for each module. View the contact details of accredited universities.

For general guidance on assessment for all modules see the 'Related documents' box, at the bottom of this page.

You will need to decide if you wish to take individual modules, a straightforward CertAVP, meaning that you may choose any combination of B and C modules, or a designated certificate where you will need to choose modules from a specified list. View more information on designated certificates.

Complete the enrolment form

To ensure that your credits are logged and can be counted towards a certificate you must enrol with the RCVS before your first assessment. Enrolment with the RCVS is valid for up to 10 years (see FAQs for further information). All application forms are in the 'Related documents' box.

You may enrol initially, for individual modules or an undesignated CertAVP, and update your record at a later date. You may change your mind at any point about which modules and designation you wish to take and where. Please let us know of any changes by emailing before you are assessed for that module.

To enrol please complete and return the following items by email to

  • CertAVP enrolment form
    This can be found in the 'Related documents' box, at the bottom of this page
  • Payment for your initial enrolment (see below)
    This is your initial enrolment fee and can be made by cheque or balance transfer. We cannot collect this fee by direct debit.
  • A downloaded report from your 1CPD account
    (If you are not a Member of the RCVS, please submit a copy of your CPD records for the past year in Word or PDF format.)

You can find out how to download a report from your 1CPD account from the Continuing Professional Development page.

If you are not a member of the RCVS, please include a copy of your passport and a copy of your main veterinary degree certificate. Find out more information on the qualifications accepted for registration with the RCVS

Once you have enrolled with us, you will then need to enrol with the university, or universities, of your choice.

The RCVS may share your data with accredited universities and publish your achievements.


Rates applicable from 1 January – 31 December 2022:

Initial enrolment by cheque or bank transfer (transfer details on enrolment form):  £76
Annual subscription fee (payable by 1 February the following year & each year thereafter):  £38
RCVS synoptic assessment exam entry fee (for designated Certificates only): £1025