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E-portfolio user guide for VetGDP Advisers

Before you start

Before you log in to your e-portfolio, please make sure you have gone though the check list on our information for VetGDP Advisers page.

Logging in

The VetGDP e-portfolio is available as a web version that can be accessed from a computer or mobile phone. You will log in through your 1CPD account and then click the gold VetGDP button. Your log in details are the same as for your RCVS My account.


You will need to complete a questionnaire for each graduate as it focuses on the level of preparedness at the point at which they commenced their role with you. You can delay the questionnaire for four weeks.

Choosing EPAs

We recommend that at the start of the programme, you meet with your graduate to agree on EPAs that are relevant to their full role. It is important that it Is a true reflection as this will allow the graduate to participate properly in the programme, reflecting and learning from all the activities that make up their role and gaining a truly holistic view of their work within the profession. The numbers of activities and reflections within any portfolio will not be greater or lesser with the number of chosen EPAs as all graduates would experience a broadly similar amount of work within their first year to 18 months in practice. If the number of EPAs does not appear to reflect the full scope of the role this may be picked up and challenged by the independent peer review when submitting the portfolio for sign off at the end of the programme.

The graduate then selects the EPAs in their e-portfolio and it will be sent to you to approve or request changes. The graduate can then start recording their progress.

You can find the EPA bank and more information on EPAs on our website and as part of the VetGDP Adviser training.  

If you feel you need to develop an extra EPA to cover your role

Please look back carefully over the full list of EPAs that are already there and view the page, 'Adding additional EPAs to the VetGDP programme'. The EPAs are deliberately high level so that they can be applied to almost every veterinary role.

Using the "create new EPA" form within the e-portfolio, new EPA submissions are initially sent to the RCVS Education Department and then to the VetGDP subcommittee for approval. Once confirmed the new EPA will appear in the list of EPAs in your e-portfolio. It will also enable other users to choose the new EPA that you have created.

Activities and reflections

The VetGDP, whilst graduate led, involves active support from the VetGDP Adviser with feedback and guided reflection.

The graduate should carry out their work as normal and in doing so work through the chosen EPAs and record progress against each of the contexts and variables within each. The programme is led by the graduate and they should request support where needed.  The activities and reflections build up a picture of their experience and capabilities in the first period at work. These will provide evidence that the e-portfolio has depth and breadth.

You can view the activities and reflections by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of each EPA screen. This will bring up a list of the activities which have been recorded, by date. You can click on each to view and add comments where necessary.

The icons denote:

  • The eye indicates that the graduate has marked that their activity was observed. This may well be by you, their VetGDP Adviser, but may be by another member of the Veterinary team.
  • The ticked speech bubble denotes that the graduate has completed a reflection on the activity.
  • And the person with the headset denotes that guidance has been received – that the VetGDP Adviser has added a further comment/guidance.

Note that the reflection is recorded in the tab next to the activity.

Monthly progress reviews

These are records of conversations between the graduate and Adviser on the EPA topic including progress, and action plans to progress further.  Over the course of the GDP portfolio, they should show the graduate has become more competent and confident in this area. Ideally you will sit down with your graduate once a month to review each EPA. It may not be possible to cover all EPAs every month so you may wish to alternate between the EPAs discussed.

Adding the details of your conversation as a progress review in the portfolio is the responsibility of the graduate. The blue progress review button will appear at the bottom of the screen once the first one has been added. Each review should be viewed and acknowledged byt eh Adviser, who can add comments where necessary.

Sliding scales

The next page is for the graduate, in discussion with their VetGDP Adviser, to set their levels of experience on a scale for each of the criteria for that EPA.

The scales start at Day One Competent and move towards Independent, competent, confident practitioner.

The aim is to get these all close to the right-hand side within about a year of starting work, but everyone has different experiences, so may take more or less time.

Some EPAs do not have these scales as they are not appropriate. In these circumstances your progress should be reflected in the Progress Review Form. You may find a blank page here if there are no scales, please click save to move on.

Preparing to submit your e-portfolio

When you have demonstrated that you can perform all activities within your role without support you can submit your portfolio for review. It will first be sent your VetGDP Adviser for approval and then it will be reviewed for completeness initially by a member of the RCVS Education Department. Providing the portfolio is considered to be sufficient in terms of content, it is then shared (anonymised) with a member of the RCVS VetGDP panel. The panel is made up of experienced vets who have completed the VetGDP Adviser learning modules and are most likely to be (or have been previously) an Adviser themselves.

Some questions to think about before you submit:

  • Have you checked that your e-portfolio does not contain any personal/identifiable information for yourself, the clients or the practice?      
  • Does your e-portfolio contain activities, reflections and progress reviews for each of your chosen EPAs?
  • Looking carefully at the description of each of your chosen EPAs, have you achieved the relevant success criteria for each EPA? The peer reviewer will be looking for a depth and breadth of activities across each EPA.
  • Does your e-portfolio show evidence of progress? Have you set goals, with the assistance of your VetGDP Adviser, and reflected on whether you have achieved them? Are you a competent and confident Veterinary Surgeon who can perform all activities within your role without support?

How to submit your e-portfolio

When you log into your e-portfolio, you’ll notice a tab in the top bar called 'Manage Portfolio' and from here you can submit your portfolio for review.

  • Once you’ve read the guidance above and are ready to submit your e-portfolio,  click the gold ‘Submit my e-portfolio’ button
  • Your VetGDP Adviser will get an e-mail asking them to log into the e-portfolio and approve your e-portfolio to be sent for peer review

This will ensure it is sent to the RCVS for an internal quality assurance check before it is forwarded to an independent external peer reviewer for final approval. You will be able to check the progress of your review in your e-portfolio.

Before the VetGDP is signed off you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire, which allows us to gather valuable insight into your experience on the programme.


The peer reviewer will provide feedback on your e-portfolio. They may agree that your e-portfolio is complete or they may ask for additional information to be added to the e-portfolio. You can discuss this feedback with your VetGDP Adviser and make any additions as required, and then submit again.

Changing Practice and/or Adviser

To do this you need to click on the cog in the top right-hand corner of your e-portfolio and click on re-set. They will not lose their records. You can then choose a new practice and Adviser from the drop-down list. Relationships in the My account will need to be updated.