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Under care: practice scenarios

Our Standards Committee and Advice team have produced a range of practice-based scenarios to help explain how the new guidance should be followed in various circumstances, and in relation to different species.

Please select from the following list, or read each in turn.

  1. Mutual clients
  2. Prescribing antibiotics to poultry
  3. Prescribing antiparasitics (small animals)
  4. Consultancy services
  5. Prescribing non-CD pain relief/antibiotics (exceptional circumstance)
  6. Antibiotics and pigs
  7. Prescribing long-term controlled drugs
  8. Prescribing controlled drugs (exceptional circumstances)
  9. Enforcement
  10. Prescribing from outside the UK

Please note: this list of scenarios is not exhaustive, and we may add to it in due course.