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Dr Gerard Henry


Candidate 6 of 14

Proposers: John Ferguson, William McColl

Contact details

T 01592 748 522
M 07729 823 054
E [email protected]

Candidate biography

Gerard Henry, 2024 RCVS Council election candidate I graduated from Glasgow University in 1979. From there I went into the RAVC as VO with the Kings Troop RHA. A year in Newmarket, several years in Northumberland and then 9 years with MAFF as an SVO. I locummed for 3 years and in 1995 I put my plate up and opened my first practice in Glenrothes. In 2004 I opened my second in Edinburgh and in 2013 my third in South Queensferry. In 2018 I retired from practice. I was very pleased to be able to sell to an independent practitioner. My interests include motor racing and military history.

Candidate statement

‘There comes a point when you think, enough is enough.

Like most practitioners I’ve been too busy to involve myself with the College or with professional politics. For most of my life as a vet the RCVS didn’t really feature on my horizon. Sometimes you’d see an old friend or mentor becoming President, a worthy end to a distinguished career. Local veterinary meetings might be attended by a Council member who would apprise us, informally, of what was going on or being said in London. That was then.

In June 2022 I was disturbed to read an elected member had resigned from Council because of the imposition of a new ‘how we work’ statement, which, I believe, in essence forbad the informal exchange of information which had existed previously. This new imposed secrecy benefits neither the public nor the profession although it might make administration a bit easier for the group at the top.

I know from personal experience just how hard it is to get even basic information from ‘our’ College. A simple, innocuous question required two FOI requests (one prepared by a Barrister) to get an answer. This is unacceptable.

Not content with restricting what we are allowed to know, the College has now voted by a majority of 16 – 5, to abolish Council elections completely and move to an appointments based system. With this, I believe, any direct influence we once had within the RCVS will have gone.

It is my intention if elected, to work hard at improving information sharing in general and to resist, tooth and nail, any attempt to deprive us of our right to elect Council members. This is a fight we cannot afford to lose.’