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If you're an animal owner, please view the contact details on our website for animal owners.

If you're a veterinary professional you can view contact details below.

Popular enquiries 

Advice on the Code of Professional Conduct

T  020 7202 0789
E  [email protected]


For example, renewals, 'My Account' and letters of good standing.

T  020 7202 0707
E  [email protected]

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

T  020 3795 5595
E  [email protected]

Veterinary nurse training

T  020 7202 0788
E  [email protected]

General enquiries

We are open from 9.15am until 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 

 020 7222 2001 
F  020 7222 2004 
E  [email protected]

Departmental contacts

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Executive Office

For matters relating to the President and Chief Executive Officer:

T 020 7050 5049

E [email protected]

For matters relating to RCVS Council and the Registrar:

Dawn Wiggins

T  020 7202 0737
E  [email protected]

Anyone who wishes for information to be circulated to Council or committee members that is relevant to an issue under discussion should submit the material to Mrs Wiggins, who will forward to the President and relevant Committee Chair who will, in turn, make a decision on its appropriateness for circulation.


For queries relating to Media, Government and public relations as well as congresses, regional meetings, publications (including the Annual Report, RCVS News) corporate communications and website.

T  020 7202 0787
E  [email protected]


For issues of undergraduate and postgraduate education e.g. Certificates, Specialists, Advanced Practitioners, CPD and Visitations.

T  020 7202 0791
E  [email protected]


For information on how to pay fees, as well as invoices and receipts.  

T  020 7202 0722
E  [email protected]

Practice Standards Scheme

For advice on joining the Scheme, inspections and awards.

T  020 7202 0767
E  [email protected]

Professional Conduct

For matters relating to concerns, disciplinary and preliminary investigation issues, veterinary hospitals and riding establishments approval.

T  020 7202 0789
E  [email protected]


For information on the Register, Directory of Practices and purchase of publications.

T  020 7202 0762
E  [email protected]

RCVS Knowledge

For all enquiries relating to RCVS Knowledge (formerly the RCVS Charitable Trust), including the library.

T  020 7202 0721
E  [email protected]

View more contact details for RCVS Knowledge. (This link will take you to the RCVS Knowledge website.)

Room bookings and catering

T  020 7202 0765
E  [email protected]

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