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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a professional responsibility and requirement for all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses on the RCVS Register. The annual CPD hourly targets are 35 hours for veterinary surgeons and 15 hours for veterinary nurses which support the need for every vet and vet nurse to undertake regular and relevant CPD. 


1CPD app screenshot promoAt the start of 2020 we introduced a new digital recording platform, 1CPD, for you to manage your CPD. This has replaced the online Professional Development Record (PDR). 1CPD is available as a web version and as an app. In January 2022, it became compulsory for all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to use 1CPD to manage their CPD. 

Outcomes-focused CPD

We have also introduced outcomes-focused CPD, including a ‘reflect’ element in the ‘plan, do, record, reflect’ cycle. Our new CPD model focuses on the quality, impact and relevance of your CPD. We would encourage you to begin reflective practice as soon as possible, as it is part of the CPD requirement from January 2022.

What is CPD?

Continuing professional development, or CPD, is the process of continually maintaining, improving and broadening your skills and knowledge, as well as developing personal qualities, which help to ensure you remain professionally competent.

Progressing your professional learning in whichever way is most relevant to you, will help you to develop and improve the professional service you provide.

Who has to do it and why?

All practising veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses listed on the RCVS Register must complete the minimum CPD requirement, regardless of whether they are working full-time or part-time.

The RCVS Codes of Professional Conduct state that all vets and VNs are obliged to maintain and continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills. CPD is therefore mandatory for all vets and VNs and should be seen as the continuous progression of capability and competence.

Do I need to record my CPD?

Yes, you need to keep a record of your CPD and the easiest way to do that is to use the 1CPD app or website to record your CPD.

We would also recommend that you keep a learning journal to keep notes of your learning and your reflections. If you use 1CPD all your notes and reflections can be recorded within the system so you do not need to keep any other records.