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Perform a common surgical procedure on a patient, including pre-operative and post-operative management


Perform surgical procedures relevant to your role, including discussion with the client, pre-operative preparation of the patient and the surgeon and post-operative care.

There should be attention to patient preparation to minimise contamination, knowledge of the relevant procedures and regional anatomy, manual dexterity to competently and efficiently complete the procedures, reflection and response to changes, and post-operative care.

Aiming for... (success criteria)

To have demonstrated expertise and proficiency in performing a range of surgical procedures across a range of different (i) animal species, (ii) clinical presentations, (iii) acute / chronic conditions, (iv) case complexities, relevant to their role. Including pre and post-operative care, whilst communicating effectively with colleagues/instructing others. To be able to react professionally to patient changes and demonstrate an understanding of own abilities.

Required competences

There is the potential for all domains within the 2020 RCVS Day One Competences to be relevant to this EPA, however the key areas involved in performance of this activity/area of practice are as follows;

Veterinary capability

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Individual animal

Reflective relationships

  • Communication
  • Collaboration