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Professional Conduct (ProfCon) Investigation Support

We at the RCVS recognise that going through the professional conduct investigation process can be a stressful experience for the veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses about whom complaints have been made.

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While being open to challenge about professional conduct is part of the social contract of being in a protected and regulated profession, as a compassionate regulator we also believe that members of the professions should be able to get appropriate emotional support while being investigated.

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During trying times just talking to someone who is non-judgemental and independent can take a weight off the minds of those under investigation, helping to relieve stress, assisting them to put things into perspective and see next steps more clearly.

This is why the RCVS, along with our Mind Matters Initiative mental health project, have joined forces with, to offer ProfCon Investigation Support (PCIS) a free confidential listening and support service. The service is provided by a group of volunteers at Vet Support who have been trained to give emotional support to any veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse going through the RCVS professional conduct investigation process.

Whether via a phone call, an email or a Zoom meeting, the team at Vet Support will provide a point of contact throughout the duration of an RCVS investigation, with the aim of helping individuals maintain good mental health and wellbeing and preventing more serious issues arising.

Although the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative funds training and supervision for the volunteers who run ProfCon Investigation Support, the service is entirely confidential and is run independently from the College. As an organisation Vet Support already offers general support services to veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses across the UK and Ireland.

Access ProfCon Investigation Support

Please note that members of the professions who are in distress and in need of more immediate support, or concerned about someone in distress, should contact Vetlife’s 24-hour Helpline on 0303 040 2551.