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Formulate recommendations for preventive healthcare


Create a preventive healthcare plan, considering the animal/herd and industry needs, the client’s capabilities, and the care setting, to optimise health and welfare, and to prevent spread of disease.

Prevention of disease is a core veterinary activity that protects health and welfare of animals; public health and provides quality assurance for industry. Educating and building relationships with clients, including assisting with productivity and communicating best practice, is an important part of this activity.

Aiming for... (success criteria)

To have demonstrated expertise and proficiency in creating an appropriate preventative healthcare plan in the interests of the patient and with regard to the resources available and appropriate public health and environmental considerations.

The practitioner is able to carry out this activity to a consistently high standard, across the full range of clinical contexts relevant to their role including across different;

  1. animal species,
  2. clinical conditions,
  3. environmental contexts,
  4. different degrees of client support and co-operation

Required competences

There is the potential for all domains within the 2020 RCVS Day One Competences to be relevant to this EPA, however the key areas involved in performance of this activity/area of practice are as follows;

Veterinary capability

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Individual animal
  • Animal population care & management

Reflective relationships

  • Communication