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VN Futures Project Board

The VN Futures Project is a joint initiative between the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA).  It is a parallel initiative with the Vet Futures Project.

The VN Futures Project Board provides leadership for VN Futures to ensure it remains on track for delivery of the Strategy Plan.  The Board reports to the RCVS Advancement of the Professions Committee and BVNA Council respectively. View the VN Futures Board Terms of Reference.


  • Matthew Rendle RVN - Chair of RCVS VN Council
  • Belinda Andrews-Jones RVN - Vice-Chair of RCVS VN Council
  • Julie Dugmore RVN - RCVS Director of Veterinary Nursing
  • Alexandra Taylor RVN - BVNA President
  • Charlotte Pace RVN - BVNA Junior Vice-President
  • Jill Macdonald RVN - RCVS VN Futures Project Lead - 
  • Nicola Ruedisueli BVNA - Head of Learning and Development


Joint leadership of the Board is provided by the RCVS (Chair of RCVS VN Council) and BVNA (president of BVNA Council)


RCVS - Jill Macdonald (T 07867 301723, E

BVNA - Nicola Ruedisueli (T 07414 222317,

VN Futures Board Terms of Reference

Governance of VN Futures is provided by the VN Futures Project Board with membership as outlined previously. 

The Project Board aims to:

  • Provide leadership for VN Futures to ensure it remains on track for delivery of the Strategy Plan
  • Communicate and coordinate the work of the parties involved in the project
  • Horizon-scan, to ensure the ambitions of the project remain relevant and that account is taken of new influencing factors as they arise
  • Liaise with the Vet Futures Project Board and associated projects, to ensure appropriate synergies are exploited
  • Ensure ongoing engagement from the profession and stakeholders
  • Ensure that the VN Futures brand is appropriately used by third parties

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