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VN Futures Project Board

VN Futures is a joint initiative of the BVNA and RCVS to coordinate and collaborate with other stakeholders on key projects for the development of the veterinary nursing profession. It is a parallel initiative to Vet Futures. The VN Futures Board oversees and coordinates the work of the VN Futures initiative. View the VN Futures Board Terms of Reference.


  • Belinda Andrews-Jones RVN
  • Charlotte Pace RVN
  • Matthew Rendle RVN (Chair)
  • Alexandra Taylor RVN


Jill Macdonald (T 020 7222 2001, E

VN Futures Board Terms of Reference

The Board:

  1. is not a separate legal entity
  2. is not a budget holding body
  3. is not a committee of either BVNA or RCVS
  4. may hold its meetings in private, but will make its discussions and affairs public in a timely fashion
  5. will comprise the President and JVP of the BVNA, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the RCVS VN Council
  6. will reach agreement by consensus, or where necessary a simple majority vote of the Officers present
  7. will appoint an alternating Chair between the BVNA/RCVS for a twelve month period to set Board agendas, facilitate meetings and where necessary act as spokesperson
  8. will meet at least twice a year.

The work of the Board will include:

  1. managing and maintenance of the VN Futures brand
  2. approving the Terms of Reference of each Working Group
  3. appointing the membership and Chair of each Working Group
  4. requesting reports on the activity, accomplishments and direction of the Working Groups
  5. convening an annual forum comprising the VN Futures Board and VN Futures Working Group Chairs to discuss progress
  6. setting up a parallel executive group comprising the Strategic Director (BVNA), Director of Veterinary Nursing (RCVS) and VN Futures Project Manager (RCVS) to coordinate matters of decision making and delivery of projects between the members of the VN Futures Board and Working Groups
  7. communicating regularly (and at least annually) with the veterinary nursing profession and wider veterinary sector to describe activity, accomplishments and direction of the initiative.

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