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EPA 13

Conduct document and physical checks on live animals as part of expert health certificate requirements


Conduct checks on live animals and animal products entering or leaving Great Britain to comply with the relevant legislation and export health certificate requirements.

Checks on live animals and animal products entering or leaving Great Britain are essential for safeguarding animal health and welfare, preventing entry of exotic notifiable disease, safeguarding public health and facilitating free trade. Checks must be carried out in a systematic and consistent way to comply with animal health legislation and the specific requirements of the relevant export health certificate. Export health certificates are required for exporting or moving live animals or animal products from Great Britain.

Aiming for... (Success criteria)

To have effectively carried out checks on live animals and animal products before export or upon entry to Great Britain in a systematic way and showing regard for animal health and welfare, food safety and trade, including different animal species and different storage, preservation and labelling requirements for animal products.

Required competences

There is the potential for all domains within the 2020 RCVS Day One Competences to be relevant to this EPA, however the key areas involved in performance of this activity/area of practice are as follows;

Veterinary capability

  • One health / public health

Reflective relationships

  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Personal leadership

  • Adaptability
  • Professionalism