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Veterinary students

Extra-mural studies (EMS)

The aim of Extra-Mural Studies, or EMS, is to enable you to gain practical experience in as many aspects of veterinary work as possible. They are an essential element of undergraduate veterinary education.

We have information and guidance for both veterinary students and EMS placement providers.

Fitness to practise guide for UK vet schools and vet students

Together with the Veterinary Schools Council (VSC) we have published a fitness to practise guide for UK veterinary schools and veterinary students.

The first section provides guidance for veterinary schools on recognising and addressing fitness to practise concerns. Part two sets out the broad principles of fitness to practise that students should follow and which veterinary schools should expect and uphold.

Download the Guide from Publications

Veterinary Graduate Development Plan (VetGDP)

VetGDP aims to support graduates in the further development of their clinical and professional capabilities, resilience and confidence, to establish a fulfilling career as a veterinary professional.

The programme provides a meaningful and effective period of support for all veterinary graduates in the early years of their career, resulting in them developing into an assured, confident member of the practice team.

Find out more about the VetGDP

Working in the EU once you have graduated

There may be further requirements for graduates from UK vet schools to be able to work in the EU. Students currently studying at UK veterinary schools that wish to work in the EU once they have graduated are advised to contact the appropriate competent authority in the country they wish to work to check for any further requirements. For further information and a list of competent authorities within the EU please visit the Federation of veterinarians of Europe (FVE) website.