Recipients of RCVS Honours

Below are summary citations for successful recipients of RCVS Honours from the last six years.

The Queen's Medal

2017: Dr Barry Johnson for his years of service to clinical practice, veterinary education and public service - including 28 years on RCVS Council and his position as High Sheriff of Lancashire from 2014 to 2015.


2016: Professor Randolph Richards for his contribution to fish health and welfare, aquaculture, and the development of the salmon farming industry in Scotland.


2015: Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, the first veterinary surgeon to sit in the House of Lords and former President of both the RCVS and Royal Society of Medicine, for his contribution to veterinary politics and academia.


2014: Mr Desmond James Thompson, a former President of the RCVS and the British Veterinary Association, for his contribution to the veterinary community in Northern Ireland and beyond.


RCVS International Award

2017: Mr Christophe Buhot, former President of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, for his contribution to the veterinary profession across the continent and for championing Vet Futures Europe and VETFUTURS France.


Honorary Associates

2017: Heather Armstrong for her contribution to the health and welfare of equids as Director of the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust


2017: Professor Duncan Maskell: for his contribution to pathogen research and animal-focused science as the first non-vet Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge and current Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Cambridge and Marks & Spencer Professor of Farm Animal Health, Food Science and Food Safety


2016: Professor David Lane for his contribution to the profession through his support of the launch of the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice and the status of Advanced Practitioner


2015: Dr Michael J Francis for his exceptional impact on the wellbeing of livestock and pets globally through the vaccines he has developed against infectious diseases


2015: Miss Catherine A Phillips for her dedication to enhancing veterinary nurse training in both the small animal and equine fields.


2015: Dr Phillip Sketchley for his tireless contribution to the pharmaceutical industry and for his work alongside the veterinary profession and at the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH).


2014: No Honorary Associates were awarded this year


2013: Dr Kirsten Rausing for outstanding contributions to equine health and welfare through her work in the thoroughbred racing industry.


2012: Dr Douglas McGregor for work in the field of immunology and inspiring leadership in veterinary education and research.


2011: Professor Soraya Shirazi-Beechey for an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the molecular physiology of the intestinal tract of domesticated animals. 


2010: Dr Tony L J Lawrence for exemplary teaching and research in the field of nutrition and production in all aspects of livestock production.


2010: Professor Martin W Shirley for innovative research work and commercial development of important veterinary vaccines.


2009: Mr Martin Alder for his ongoing and considerable contribution to the veterinary profession through his editorship of The Veterinary Record.


2009: Carole Martin for her substantial contributions to the veterinary nursing profession.


Honorary Fellows

2014: Mr Andrew Holliman for his long service as a VIO, a highly respected pathologist with a particular interest in cattle and fish whose steady support and experience have proved invaluable to the North West veterinary community.


2014: Professor Maxwell Murray for his work with protozoal diseases particularly trypanosomosis, a highly respected mentor and role model during his career and in retirement.


2014: Mr Donald Rutty for his exemplary scientific work and his work as a comparative pathologist and MRCPath providing a unique bridge extrapolating animal-based knowledge to human clinical endeavour.


2013: Dr Joy Archer for commitment to the development and recognition of clinical pathology worldwide.


2013: Dr David Franklin for tireless enthusiasm and professionalism as an advisor and mentor for the veterinary profession.


2013: Mr Colin Whitaker for pioneering work in the identification and diagnosis of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.


2012: Mr Thomas Hildebrandt for outstanding contributions in the area of large zoological animal research, particularly elephant and rhinoceros reproductive biology.


2012: Professor Lance Lanyon for dedication and leadership in the field of veterinary education and significant development of the Royal Veterinary College. 


2011: Dr James K Kirkwood for an outstanding contribution to advancing standards in veterinary and welfare science throughout his career.


2011: Mr Desmond James Thompson for inspiring all with whom he comes into contact, both in terms of his clinical excellence and his efforts to promote animal health and welfare at all levels. 


2010: Professor Elizabeth Simpson for providing animmense service to the profession in promoting excellence in research training for veterinary graduates.


2010: Dr Peter L Roeder for significant contributions to the world eradicationof Rinderpest disease.


2009: Mrs Christine M Magrath for being an exemplary leader in the field of communications skills training for thousands of veterinary surgeons and undergraduates.


2009: Dr Colin F Burrows for his research and clinical work on gastrointestinal physiology, pathophysiology and diseases of the canine and feline gastrointestinal tract and for his outstanding promotion of continuing professional development and veterinary education.