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Online Animal Handling EMS Resources

The pre-clinical EMS requirements for those due to graduate in 2023 and 2024 have been amended to allow for 50% of the 12 weeks pre-clinical EMS to be completed through appropriate online resources.

Therefore students will be expected to have completed at least 6 weeks of pre-clinical EMS placements in person (in a workplace environment), with the learning outcomes which would have been achieved on up to 6 weeks of pre-clinical EMS, to be achieved through online resources. 

We have collated a number of resources that are available to students; a mix of videos, webinars and text resources. They are suggested resources, students should have previously agreed learning objectives with their tutors, and the resources should be used only if they align. It is not compulsory for students to complete all resources.

Resources for the following are now available:

We would like to thank and acknowledge the University of Edinburgh for providing the exotics resources; the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board for collating the cattle, pigs and sheep resources; the Poultry Veterinary Society for collating the poultry resources; the Horse Trust for compiling the equine resources; and the British Small Animal Veterinary Society for developing the small animal resources.

We have not developed these resources, and do not endorse any third party advertisements that may appear on external websites.