I have completed my training and passed all my exams and assessments. What do I do next?

If you are on a vocational programme (Level 3 Diploma) your college will apply to your Awarding Organisation for your final certification. The Awarding Organisations send us a list of all students who have completed the Diploma, usually once a fortnight. We will then send you an email inviting you to apply to register as a veterinary nurse.

In the meantime, you will remain on the student database, provided you are still working in your approved training practice. You need to ensure that your email address details are up to date so that your registration link is sent to the correct address.

If you are a higher education (degree) student, your university will make arrangements to send us the pass list. We will email you 8 weeks prior to graduation, inviting you to apply to register. If there are 4 weeks or more between the publication of your results and the graduation ceremony, you will be eligible to apply for temporary registration. The temporary registration forms come via email and will need to be completed by you and your supervising MRCVS, then scanned and returned by email to the Registration Department.

Related FAQs

  • Yes, but your college will need to send us a signed VN Student Change of Details form (see 'Related documents' box) along with a covering letter explaining when you are taking a break. You will no longer be classed as an active student, so when you return to training, your college will need to inform the RCVS when you return to training so that your student status can be re-activated. Your enrolment period will remain the same.

  • You will need to send a request to extend your enrolment period in a letter to Veterinary Nursing department, along with a letter of support from your college and the principal of your training practice (if applicable). Requests are looked at on a case by case basis. The current one-year extension fee (2019) is £85. 

  • Please get in touch with your college who should be able to help you. If they cannot assist then they will get in touch with us or the awarding organisation on your behalf to resolve the issue. 

  • You can email, fax or write to us to change your personal details, but we cannot change details over the telephone. Please email vetnursing@rcvs.org.uk with your new details and name and enrolment number to inform us of a change of address.

  • When you begin your veterinary nurse training, you are registered by the RCVS at an Approved Centre. If you change employment and move to another practice, it is very important that both the receiving Centre and the RCVS are informed of the change immediately, using the VN Student Change of Details form.

    Please ensure that you get this form signed by both your Practice Principal and Head of Centre. You should then either post it to the RCVS or scan and email the form to vetnursing@rcvs.org.uk. Failure to notify the RCVS of changes to your employment and/or approved centre may jeopardise your VN training.