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Primary Qualifications Subcommittee

The Primary Qualifications Subcommittee meets five times per year. It plans visitations, appoints visitors to visit panels, oversees the monitoring of vet schools by considering the annual reports, considers visitation reports and makes recommendations to Education Committee. The Statutory Membership Examination Board reports to the Primary Qualifications Subcommittee. (View full terms of reference)


  • Dr Louise Allum
  • Professor Jim Anderson
  • Professor Kate Cobb
  • Dr Olivia Cook
  • Dr Matshidiso Gardiner
  • Dr Jennifer Hammond
  • Dr Kamalan Jeevaratnam
  • Miss Ida Knutsen (Student representative)
  • Dr Dave Mazzocchi-Jones
  • Professor Liz Mossop
  • Professor Kieron Salmon
  • Dr Kitty Walker-Springett (Student representative)
  • Dr Martin Whiting (Chair)


Claire Holliday (T 020 7202 0704, E [email protected])

Terms of reference

Reporting to the RCVS Education Committee, PQSC is required:

1.   to consider reports of visitors (including follow-up reports) to veterinary schools and make recommendations to Education Committee on recognition of undergraduate veterinary degrees so that Council can submit formal advice to the Privy Council.

2.   to consider annual monitoring reports from the veterinary schools, and provide feedback to the schools or make recommendations to Education Committee where appropriate.

3.   to consider and make recommendations to Education Committee on the appointment of RCVS visitors and observers.

4.   to keep RCVS visitation/accreditation criteria under review and in line with any relevant international standards and to consider annual statistical returns.


1.   The sub-committee will consist of thirteen members, to include:

a)   Four members nominated by RCVS Council.

b)   Two student representatives.

c)   Panel members comprising both academic and practitioner representation.

2.   The panel has thirteen members in total with a with a quorum of 50%.

3.   Length of service will usually be three years, with the option for a second term to be allowed on a case-by-case basis in order to provide consistency across accreditation periods.


  1. 1.   The sub-committee will meet up to five times a year, and meetings will be held virtually, except for where face to face meetings would be more beneficial.

    2.    Some of the business may be conducted by email if agreed appropriate by the sub-committee.


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