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Specialist Recognition Subcommittee

The Specialist Subcommittee meets once per year (January) to consider applications to the Specialist list. (View full terms of reference)


  • Dr Alex Dugdale
  • Dr Linda Horspool
  • Dr Michael Morris
  • Prof Tim Parkin (Chair)
  • Dr Cheryl Scudamore
  • +1 more member to be appointed


Duncan Ash (T 020 7202 0703, E [email protected])

Terms of reference

1. The Specialist Sub-Committee will report to Education Committee.

2. The Sub-Committee will recommend the decision on the outcome of all applications for Specialist Status to Education Committee.  The decisions will be based on the requirements and criteria set by Education Committee.  The Sub-Committee may recommend changes of the requirements, criteria and process, to be approved by Education Committee.


3. Membership of the Sub-Committee will comprise of a mix of practitioners and academics, covering the breadth of Specialist subject areas.

4. The Sub-Committee will normally comprise of 6 members, including the Chair.

5. Members will not normally be required to be Specialists themselves, however at least 50% of the committee would need to be Specialists.

6. The length of service would normally be 3 years, however extensions can be granted for members to allow for continuity or consistency of the Sub-Committee membership.

7. The Chair will be appointed by RCVS.

8. Potential new members will be invited to follow an application process in line with RCVS policies. The Sub-Committee will then normally nominate new members from those applications, to be approved by Education Committee.

9. Other new members can also be appointed by RCVS where appropriate.


10. The Sub-Committee will usually meet remotely in January, although other meetings can be arranged on an ad hoc basis as and when required.