No, you can do any combination of C-modules, although certain combinations are required for designated certificates.


In some circumstances you may be able to claim equivalence for previously achieved qualifications. Please complete and return the CertAVP Equivalence Form available to download in the 'Related documents' box at the bottom of the page. 


Yes, but your college will need to send us a signed VN Student Change of Details form (see 'Related documents' box) along with a covering letter explaining when you are taking a break. You will no longer be classed as an active student, so when you return to training, your college will need to inform the RCVS when you return to training so that your student status can be re-activated. Your enrolment period will remain the same.


Yes, your employer can still pay your fee. To view the alternative ways your employer can pay please visit the How to pay page.

Please ensure your employer gives your registration number as the reference so we know to allocate the fee to your record.


RCVS requirements for CPD are 105 hours over a rolling three-year period with an average of 35 hours per year. We view undertaking and completing the PDP as a graduate’s first year of CPD and it is therefore equivalent to 35 hours of CPD activity. 


You can contact the Registration Department on 020 7202 0707 or registration@rcvs.org.uk.

For queries relating to other departments, please view the relevant contact details.


All vets and VNs are now being asked to complete their annual renewal online. However, a paper version of the annual renewal form can be posted to you, on request.

To request a paper copy, please contact the Registration Department on 020 7202 0707 or registration@rcvs.org.uk. Please note if you contact us from an email address we don’t recognise you will be asked to answer a series of security questions so we can verify your identity.


Yes. There is an annual fee for the registration of veterinary practice premises. £34 for each veterinary practice premises; VAT is not payable.

The registration of veterinary practice premises is due on 1 April each year. An invoice is issued for payment (up to four weeks before the due date) to those practice premises which are on the Register. If a premises is part of a practice group, the invoice will be sent to the principal premises or Head Office.

Any fees not received by 1 April, may result in the premises being removed from the Register of Veterinary Practice Premises and the supply of any medicines will need to cease immediately.

The annual fee for premises accredited under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (PSS) includes the annual registration fee for veterinary practice premises. Premises in the Practice Standards Scheme have inspections undertaken by RCVS Assessors, not by the VMD.


Not unless you intend to practise under your new name.

If you intend to continue practising under your original name, you will not be required to change your name on the Register. If you would like to practise under your new name, then it is recommended that you change your name on the Register to follow suit.


No, universities and other CPD providers will offer courses covering the module content, but all modules will be available via an assessment-only route for candidates who wish to study in their own time.

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