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Routine Veterinary Practice Subcommittee

The Routine Veterinary Practice Subcommittee reports to Standards Committee and is asked to provide a summary of its decisions to the Committee. (View full terms of reference)



E [email protected]

Terms of reference

At the request of practising veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses, the Subcommittee is asked to consider whether a proposed test or treatment is ‘routine veterinary practice’ and therefore may be carried out; without an appropriate licence under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, issued by the Home Office.

The Subcommittee is asked to have regard to current veterinary practice in the UK and elsewhere in the world, relevant RCVS advice and advice issued by other organisations, including the Home Office.

Generally, the Subcommittee will meet using e-mail communications and decisions of the Subcommittee may be by the majority of those members available.

The Subcommittee may seek advice or expert opinion, as necessary.

The Subcommittee may raise issues for discussion at the annual meeting between the RCVS and the Home Office. Generally, representatives of the Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association (LAVA) also attend the annual meeting.

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