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How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

You can cancel your direct debit or unlink any products from your direct debit via your My Account area.

If you are cancelling your direct debit, we also advise you to cancel your Direct Debit directly with your bank.

Related FAQs

  • Yes, once payment has been received, you will receive confirmation by email.

    Payment receipts are also available via the 'My Account' area.


  • Direct Debits are collected on an annual basis and cannot unfortunately be made by instalments.

    Direct debits can be set up, amended and cancelled via your My Account area online.

    To ensure your fee is collected by Direct Debit it must be submitted at least 12 working days prior to the collection date.

    The annual fee is automatically debited from your bank account each year when it becomes due. You are advised to check your bank account shortly after the collection of fees to confirm if the money has been debited successfully.  

  • Even if your employer is paying your annual renewal fee, you will still need to access the online 'My Account' area to confirm your Register details and disclosure declaration.

    Your employer can pay your fees by bank transfer.  They will need to email [email protected] with a list of names and membership numbers for allocation.

    If your practice requires proof of the fee due, please use the annual renewal notice emailed to you.

    Please note you will be emailed a payment receipt, even if your employer has paid your fee. In addition, payment receipts are available to view in 'My Account', in the 'Receipts tab'.