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Evaluation and progress

Each of our workstreams has specific goals and evaluation parameters within the operational plan, but it is also important to keep in mind a more strategic view of progress.

An excellent model has been proposed by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) and Science Council (SC) which facilitates reflection on the developing maturity and impact of streams of work. The following model is adapted from that, with recognition of the huge amount of work that will have gone into the RAE/SC framework.


Progressing our case – a four-stage approach

Flow diagram with text - Level 1 Initiating, level 2 Developing, level 3 Engaging, Level 4 Evolving

Level 1. Initiating

Case for change is EMERGING, data and insights being gathered, action tends to be informal, isolated, bottom-up, one-offs

Level 2. Developing

CASE FOR CHANGE is clear, quantitative data gathered, responsibility and accountability being formalised, guidelines being developed, activity being launched, connections being made

Level 3. Engaging

Case for change is WELL ESTABLISHED, qualitative data being gathered and shared, sustained senior level support in place, skills and capabilities being built, activity catching on, high levels of engagement and collaboration, clear signs of change

Level 4. Evolving

Case for change constantly EVOLVING, complex qualitative data being routinely gathered and shared, high levels of dialogue, collaboration and learning, clear evidence of change in individual behaviour and organisational


Overview of progression across all streams

On a regular basis, we will reflect on where each of our six streams of activity sits in terms of the four-stage approach to progress, using the template below. This will help us to develop plans to move our activity to the next stages.

DIG six streams


"With a profession as vast as veterinary, change and progression are the keys to success and sustainability within our community. Hence why the work of the RCVS Diversity and Inclusion Group is so essential, to ensure that access, support and the ability to succeed are open to everyone, across all aspects of our amazing profession."

Izzie Arthur
Association of Veterinary Students representative on DIG

Izzie Arthur

Izzie Arthur

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