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Text version of demographics data on Veterinary surgeons

Average age

The average age of male vets is 51

The average age of female vets is 40


58% of vets are female

42% of vets are male

Sexual orientation

89.4% of vets identify as heterosexual/straight

2.6% of vets identify as bisexual

2% of vets identify as gay men

0.9% of vets identify as gay women

0.6% of vets self-describe

5.5% of vets prefer not to say

Ethnic background

In 2019 3.5% of vets were from black and ethnic minority backgrounds

In 2014  2% of vets were from black and ethnic minority backgrounds

Place of qualification (top 5)

63.9% of vets qualified in UK

21% of vets qualified in EU/EEA (excluding Republic of Ireland)

4.7% of vets qualified in Republic of Ireland

2.9% of vets qualified in South Africa

2.6% of vets qualified in Australia

Social mobility

37.9% of vets attended non-selective state schools

31.4%  of vets attended independent/fee-paying schools

28.5% of vets attended selective state schools

Disability or medical condition (physical or mental) that limits work

In 2019 there were 858 vets with a disability, which is 6.7%

In 2019 there were 12,017 vets without a disability, which is 93.3%

The total amount of vets who responded to this survey was 12,875

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