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United Kingdom

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There are eight veterinary schools in the UK which award degrees that have been approved by the RCVS:

University of Bristol 

University of Cambridge 

University of Edinburgh 

University of Glasgow 

University of Liverpool 

University of Nottingham 

Royal Veterinary College London

University of Surrey

Graduates from any of these schools are eligible to register as a member of the RCVS once their degree has been conferred.

For non-EU nationals / European Union rights

Visa / immigration / work permit requirements

Membership of the RCVS licenses you to practise veterinary surgery in the UK. If you have a qualification that meets the requirements above, you can apply regardless of your nationality.

However, it does not exempt you from UK entry visa or immigration requirements where applicable. Applicants are advised to ascertain these before attempting entry into the UK. Information and assistance can be obtained from the British Embassy or Consulates in Canada or the UK Border Agency.

Applicants seeking long-term employment in the UK may need a work permit, which can only be obtained by an employer.

How to apply

Please see the Registering as a veterinary surgeon – UK graduates page for further information.