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Applications - Veterinary surgeons

Whether you have qualified as a veterinary surgeon in the UK or overseas, this section provides information on how to register. Please select the region or country where you received your veterinary degree from the list below, and then read the information displayed about what you need to do.

Please note you may require a visa to work in the UK.  We are aware that visa applications may be taking longer at the moment, so please ensure you make the necessary arrangements well in advance. You should seek advice from the Home Office.

NB You should start the registration process in plenty of time - see box below for details.

Please select the region or country from where you received your veterinary degree:

If the country or region where you received your veterinary degree does not appear on the list above, then you will need to sit and pass the Statutory Membership Examination in order to be accepted onto the Register.

Please note, some of the reason for requiring registration may allow you to qualify for temporary registration please. Please check by viewing temporary registration.

Important Notes

Applications can be received up to six months before you would like to be admitted.  Please avoid submitting your application any earlier than this as we will not be able to hold it open for you.

We aim to process all applications within four calendar weeks** of receiving your application, payment and all supporting documents in the correct format.

All applications are processed in order of the date they are received. We unfortunately cannot fast track an application.

**During busy periods, our processing times can increase to six calendar weeks. We will inform you of this where relevant.  Our priority will always be to process your application as quickly as possible, and we thank you for your patience.

Why register?

Only those registered with us may practise veterinary surgery in the UK.

The entitlement to be registered as a member of the RCVS is determined by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.

Read more about the RCVS Register.