We keep in touch with veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses through a range of publications, including RCVS News and the annual report (RCVS Review and RCVS Facts).

From time to time we also publish surveys and reports.

All of these can be downloaded for free here – including archive copies from the past five years.


RCVS Annual Report 2006

1 June 2006 - 2482KB PDF
The RCVS Annual Report contains a wealth of information about our achievements and activities throughout the year ending 31 March 2006, and interesting facts and figures about the profession.

It also sets out our plans for the future and outlines how they may impact on veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and animal owners.

RCVS News Extra (May 2006)

10 May 2006 - 289KB PDF
RCVS News Extra is a shorter version of RCVS News that normally focuses on a single issue. It is published on an ad hoc basis inbetween the normal editions of RCVS News. This issue: Review of the VSA: latest proposals.

RCVS News (March 2006)

10 March 2006 - 473KB PDF
RCVS News is our official newsletter, which we publish three times a year in March, June and November. This issue: Bob Moore JVP, call for tail docking ban, PSS launch plans, avian influenza, VMRs clarification, complementary therapies, visitations, modular certificates, gateways to the profession, CPD guidance, anaesthesia maintenance & monitoring, Guide update, PSS & VN Training Practices and Trust Library loans.

Manpower Survey 2002

1 July 2002 - 530KB PDF
Following the comprehensive RCVS Manpower Surveys conducted in 1998 and 2000, the RCVS commissioned this smaller veterinary employment survey in 2002 in order to update this key information about trends and developments in the veterinary profession.

Veterinary Surgeons in 1998 (survey report)

1 July 1998 - 310KB PDF
A report of the manpower survey we carried out in 1998 to establish trends within the veterinary profession. A questionnaire was sent out to all members of the RCVS in early 1998 and over 61% were completed and returned.
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