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Will paraprofessions, other than VNs, be regulated by the RCVS in the future?

The LWP agreed a number of overarching principles when considering any future recommendations for reform of the VSA. One of these was that “the vet-led team should fall under a single regulatory umbrella”. The LWP report builds on the RCVS Review of the Minor Procedures Regime (RMPR) report published in January 2019, which resulted in RCVS Council approving a pathway for veterinary and animal health paraprofessionals to become associates of or accredited by the College, and therefore fall within the College's regulatory remit.

In this way it is anticipated that the standards of all those working in the vet-led team could be underpinned by the RCVS, similarly to the model used by the General Dental Council. Regulation is particularly important where a paraprofession’s work includes acts of veterinary surgery. This is one of the key recommendations of the report, and it is an example of where the LWP has sought to examine and learn from what other regulators do and use this to make recommendations that would allow our regulation to be more responsive to future changes. Additional allied professions working in the vet-led team could be added over time, ensuring that all those working in the vet-led team fall under the appropriate registration, continuing professional development and disciplinary proceedings to ensure the highest standards of animal health and welfare and public confidence.