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What is a ‘Letter or Certificate of good standing’?

Applicants must provide evidence of their good standing.  There are two ways you can provide this. 

If you are registered as a veterinary nurse elsewhere then you must ask the organisation you are registered with to provide a ‘Letter or Certificate of good standing’.  They will confirm that you:

  • are or have been registered with them as a veterinary nurse;
  • have not been the subject of any disciplinary enquiries and that there are no disciplinary findings against you.

If you are unable to provide a ‘Letter or Certificate of good standing’, you will need to demonstrate evidence of your good standing by completing an affidavit or declaration. 

The affidavit or declaration is made by you on oath, or in solemn form, before a competent judicial or administrative authority or notary public. The affidavit will confirm:

  • The school and date you obtained your qualification;
  • The specific reason you are not currently registered with a regulatory authority outside the UK eg there is no regulator authority equivalent to the RCVS in the country you trained in;
  • You have not been found guilty of serious professional misconduct or employment disciplinary proceedings in the UK or elsewhere;
  • You have not been convicted of any criminal offences in the UK or elsewhere.


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