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I need to disclose a new conviction, how do I do this?

You can disclose a new caution, conviction or absolute and conditional discharge online in the ‘My Account’ area as part of your annual renewal. You will be asked to provide supporting documentation, where relevant. Alternatively, you can notify the Professional Conduct Department, using the details below. Either way a member of the Professional Conduct Department will contact you following the disclosure of a conviction, to confirm they have received it.

For further information on disclosing a new conviction, please contact the Professional Conduct Department directly on 020 7202 0789 or

Related FAQs

  • All veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses must disclose to us any caution or conviction, including absolute and conditional discharges or adverse findings which may affect their registration, whether in the UK or overseas (except for minor offences excluded from disclosure by the RCVS). Minor road traffic offences, including fixed speeding penalty notices, are exempt from disclosure.

    Veterinary surgeons must also disclose any spent convictions.

    For further information, please see the RCVS Protocol on Handling Convictions. You may also contact the Professional Conduct Department on 020 7202 0789 or at for more information.