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Do I need to change my name?

Not unless you intend to practise under your new name.

If you intend to continue practising under your original name, you will not be required to change your name on the Register. If you would like to practise under your new name, then it is recommended that you change your name on the Register to follow suit.

Related FAQs

  • If you are wishing to change your name by marriage you can do this by supplying a photocopy of your marriage certificate.

    If you would like to revert back to a previous name you have used that is already recorded on your RCVS record, you can do this by sending us a copy of your valid passport or ID card. If we only have your married name recorded then you will need to send us a copy of your Decree Nisi or Decree Absolute. Alternatively you can supply a deed poll certificate, please see below for more information on this.

    To change your name for any other reason, or to use a name that has never been logged on your RCVS record, then you will need to supply a deed poll certificate. For more information on completing a deed poll, please visit the GOV.UK website.

    Please note a deed poll certificate needs to be supported by a valid passport in your new name (the same name as stated on your deed poll certificate) or an official sworn statement carried out and signed in person by a solicitor stating that the relevant identity checks have been carried out and the two names noted in the deed poll certificate are of the same person.

    You can complete a name change by uploading the relevant document(s) to the My Account area. Alternatively, you can send the document(s) by post, fax or email to the Registration Department using the contact details below.

    We do acknowledge the inconvenience the above request may cause you. Unfortunately the relevant official documentation is required because the Register is a legal document.

    Finally, if you are responsible for signing anything official, for example training records, prescriptions, certificates or the ordering of drugs, and your signature is changing following your name change then please ensure all relevant parties are informed.