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Do I need to be part of the Practice Standards Scheme in order to become a RCVS Approved Graduate Development Practice?

While we know that there is excellent support available for graduates in many practices, we would encourage practices to be working towards their Practice Standards accreditation or equivalent good practice as a clear commitment to quality.

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  • We appreciate that life in practice is very busy and this has not been helped by Covid-19. However, in order to ensure that veterinary graduates are well-supported in developing into experienced professionals as quickly as possible, we are appealing to vets to become VetGDP Advisers.

    The training, which will take approximately 20 hours to complete, is available online and must be completed before the veterinary graduate(s) begin work. The training can be counted towards your CPD for the year. 

    Providing support for graduates will help them move beyond day one competencies as effectively as possible in the knowledge that they will receive the level of support that reflects their capabilities.

    Throughout their first year of practice, these capabilities will develop, lessening their need for support. By providing a supportive environment, building confidence and resilience we envisage graduates will be more likely to stay in their role and retention will increase.

    We also anticipate that the VetGDP Adviser role will be highly rewarding, providing an opportunity to motivate and develop the next generation of vets as they establish themselves in their career.

  • Once a practice/workplace is an RCVS Approved Graduate Development Practice/Workplace they will have a minimum of one trained VetGDP Adviser available to support graduates, but they won’t usually indicate how many VetGDP Advisers they have in total.

  • If the period of absence of the VetGDP Adviser is known in advance, for example maternity leave, arrangements should be made for a replacement VetGDP Adviser during the period of absence. If the change is sudden or unplanned, for example serious illness or the VetGDP Adviser leaves without notice, you will need to find a replacement and support them to complete the online training as quickly as possible.

    The practice will not be able to take on a new graduate until the VetGDP Adviser has been replaced and trained.

  • As VetGDP is mandatory for new graduates from summer 2021, they will be seeking a practice that can support them in this way. They will know that an RCVS Approved Graduate Development Practice is a supportive employer, committed to providing the VetGDP programme to help their professional development.

    Practices will be receive a certificate to display in the workplace and a digital logos to add to their website, social media and other digital channels.