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Cases unlikely to result in the referral to the RVN Disciplinary Committee

There may be a presumption that some action should be taken when the concerns relate to dishonesty. There are, however, some cases alleging dishonesty that are minor in nature so that referral to a RVNDC hearing would be disproportionate. Advice may be satisfactory in such instances.

The following issue, for example, is unlikely to result in a referral to the RVNDC:

Non-referral to a RVNDC hearing

  1. Convictions of a less serious nature which would not impact on an RVN’s fitness to practise, such as minor domestic disturbances or minor road traffic offences, unless there are exceptional aggravating features (please note that some minor offences may result in a referral if they have been numerous and there are aggravating circumstances).
  2. Examples of convictions and cautions that have resulted in a case being closed with advice to the RVN and not referred to the RVNDC might include one-off drink/driving offences where the Stage two RVNPIC is satisfied that there are no underlying health concerns. If there are health concerns, we recognise that sometimes it will be in the public interest to deal with RVNs suffering from adverse health without referring a case to the RVNDC for a formal hearing. More information about the RCVS Health Protocol can be found in chapter 15 of the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct and Supporting guidance.