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Brexit Taskforce

The Brexit Taskforce was created with the central purpose of putting the veterinary profession in charge of its future by maximising the opportunities and minimising the risks of Brexit. (View full terms of reference)


  • Niall Connell - Vice-President
  • Mandisa Greene - President
  • Susan Dawson - Council Treasurer
  • Lizzie Lockett - CEO
  • Eleanor Ferguson - Registrar
  • Susan Paterson - Chair of Education Committee
  • Kate Richards - Vice-President
  • Melissa Donald - Chair of Standards Committee
  • Matthew Rendle - Chair of VN Council
  • Ian Holloway - Director of Communications
  • Linda Prescott-Clements - Director of Education
  • Corrie McCann - Director of Operations 
  • Julie Dugmore - Director of Veterinary Nursing
  • Stuart Reid - Veterinary Schools Council representative


Ben Myring (T 0207 202 0783, E [email protected])

Terms of reference

  1. To consider the EU legislation that currently impacts on the regulation of the Veterinary professions in the UK and make recommendations as to which should be maintained in future legislation / regulation.
  2. To explore the risk and opportunities concerning mutual recognition of veterinary graduates in Europe (taking account of views expressed by EC and PQSE), including UK-graduates working in the European Union, and make recommendations for how we might deal with future Veterinary Surgeon applications from EU countries.
  3. To consider workforce requirements and the implications of a new system of immigration.
  4. To understand the implications for the current RCVS agenda and make recommendations (e.g. governance, exemption orders, Schedule 3).
  5. To consider whether a proactive RCVS agenda can be incorporated in any new UK legislation / regulation.
  6. To reconsider the international approach we are taking, including a possible accreditation role, and how we can continue to contribute to and influence international affairs outside of the EU.
  7. To study the financial impact on the College.