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14 February 2024

Agenda for the Standards Committee meeting of 14 February 2024 below.

Please note that the minutes will be ratified by the Standards Committee at its next meeting of 16 April 2024.

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Agenda item

Paper title



Apologies for absence, declarations of interest, minutes from the meeting of 13 November 2023.








Matters for decision


a. TRNOVs NI – confidential 

Paper attached

b. Review of guidance re use of ‘specialist’ and other related titles - confidential

Paper attached

c. Maintaining boundaries 

Paper attached

d. Diagnosis case studies

Paper attached



Matters for discussion


a. Update re recent discussions with VMD

Oral update



Matters for note


a. Remote certification update from Defra - confidential

Report attached





Matters for report


a. Disciplinary Committee Report

Paper attached

b. Riding Establishments Subcommittee Report

Paper attached

c. PSS Update

Paper attached





Confidential matters for report


a. Routine Veterinary Practice Subcommittee Report

Paper attached

b. Ethics Review Panel Report

Paper attached

c. Certification Subcommittee Report

Paper attached


Risk and equality

Oral update


Any other business and date of next meeting on 16 April 2024 (in-person)