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16 November 2021

Agenda for the Education Committee meeting of 16 November 2021 below.

Unclassified papers for this meeting can be downloaded as one PDF bundle from the ‘Related documents’ box, at the bottom of the page.

Agenda Item Paper Title Category
1 Welcome and apologies for absence Oral report
2 Declarations of interest Oral report

Education Committee Minutes
a) Minutes of the meeting held on 10 September 2021
b) Minutes of extraordinary meeting held on 14 October 2021

Papers attached
4 Matters arising Oral report
5 Education Department Update Oral report
6 Primary Qualifications Sub-Committee (PQSC)
a) Report of meeting held on 11 October 2021
b) Massey Visitation
Papers attached
a) Stakeholder Event
Oral report
8 Day 1 Competences 
a) Situational awareness
Paper attached

Statutory Membership Examination (SME)
a) SME Guidance
b) Veterinary Council Ireland update

Papers attached
10 Recognition of EAEVE accredited programmes Oral report
11 Veterinary Graduate Programme (VetGDP)
a) VetGDP update
b) Minutes from the meeting held 30 September 2021
c) QA/Referral process
Papers attached
12 EMS - Review of temporary policy Paper attached
13 Review of temporary amendments to Education policy made during the Covid-19 pandemic Paper attached
14 Review of subcommittees and working parties which report to Education Committee Paper attached
15 Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice Paper attached
16 PDP annual statistics Paper attached
17 RCVS review of vet school pplans Papers attached
18 Advanced Practitioner Status (AP)
a) List of APs
b) AP Evaluation
Papers attached
19 Fellowship Sub-Committee Paper attached
20 Risk Register Paper attached
21 Any other business Oral report
  Date of next meeting: