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Janice Shardlow


Janice Shardlow, Audit & Risk Committee member

Janice is a solicitor and has extensive experience in governance, both in the commercial and sporting contexts, and as a non- executive director and an audit committee member.

For 11 years she acted as General Counsel at the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) – the national governing body for equestrian sports - where she set up a comprehensive legal support system providing advice to the equine Olympic and Paralympic teams and across all grass roots activities, including horse welfare.

She spearheaded the GB campaign to change the international equestrian federation’s (FEI) approach to anti-doping and controlled medication following the Beijing Olympic Games, designed and implemented the new national anti-doping and controlled medication system introduced in 2011-12 and has worked since to influence the FEI to continuously improve equine welfare standards in international sport.

In 2009 she was appointed by DCMS to the first Board of the new UK national anti-doping organisation, UKAD, and was subsequently appointed as Chair of its Audit Committee.

She also sits on the FEI Audit and Compliance Committee and in her role as a Sports Resolutions UK Arbitrator, Specialist Member sits regularly on sport arbitration panels to resolve sporting disputes.


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