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About the RCVS Register

The RCVS is required by law to maintain a Register (currently in the form of a database) of members eligible to practise in the United Kingdom.

The Register contains the following information:

  • The full name and any change of name since registration;

  • A Register address which can be your place of work or your home address;

  • A registrable qualification, name of college or university at which the qualification was obtained and date of first admission to the Register;

  • Membership/Registration number.

This information will be given to the general public and other members of the profession upon request or they can purchase a copy of the Register.

Any other data held in the membership database will not be given to the general public or to other members of the profession without the permission of the member.

NB. Members are reminded that they are required to notify the RCVS within 28 days of any amendments to their Register entry.

If you know that a member is no longer at their Register address, please could you ask the individual to contact us in writing as soon as possible.