Webinar Vet logoWe frequently team up with the The Webinar Vet to host free audio webinars, which cover a range of topics from changes in the veterinary professions and Virtual Question Times to advice for Accredited Practices or those thinking of joining the PSS.


Upcoming webinars

  • Shake-ups and overhauls - innovation in the veterinary sector - 21 May 2018, 12:30-1:30pm.

    'Innovation’ can sound like an elusive buzz word, but what it really comes down to is looking at how the veterinary profession is changing - whether that is exciting new technologies, inventive approaches to businesses or expanding into new markets. In this webinar Chris Tufnell and Anthony Roberts will talk about the launch of Vivet, the RCVS innovation hub, and discuss how the veterinary profession can embrace innovation to further animal welfare.

If there are any topics on which you would like us to run a webinar, please email Anna Feeney on a.feeney@rcvs.org.uk


Past webinars

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