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Warning about suspicious phone calls made to vets & VNs

3 December 2015

We have today [3 December 2015] received a number of reports from veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses about suspicious telephone calls made to veterinary practices in different areas of the country.

In each case, the caller has given a forename, eg Felicity or Christine, claimed to be calling from the RCVS and asked for bank or payment card details in order to refund an over-payment of £235.75 made in June 2014.

Please note that we would never ask for payment card or bank details, take payments or make refunds over the phone.

If you have received a similar phone call, or are concerned that you might have inadvertently passed on private financial information, please contact your local police.

We have emailed this information to all UK-based veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses this afternoon.

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